Trail Running Recommendations

The following are all of my favorite things to use in trail running right now. Click the photo to link to where you can buy it.

Trail Running Shoe

S/Lab Ultra


This is my favorite all around shoe for technical trails and mountain climbing/scrambling. It’s cushy enough to keep you comfortable for long distances, wicks away water for stream crossings, super sticky for rocky terrain and fits really comfortably. This is a unisex shoe, so you buy it in men’s sizes (1 size smaller than what you usually wear if you’re a woman).

Salomon Ultra Pro


My new favorite all around perfect trail shoe for short & long distance. Killer traction that grips on snow and ice and doesn’t feel like overkill with regular trail conditions. Cheaper price point than the Ultras and also has a bit more cushion. I had to size down a 1/2 size.

Salomon Sense Pro Max

sense pro max.png

This is my go to shoe for when I want lots of cushion! I use them on road, gravel and lightly technical terrain. They have good grip and traction but are not as aggressive as the other options. They transition really well from road to trail.

Road Shoe

Salomon Predict RA


Its actually a pretty close tie between these and the Sonic RA 2 of which I used both during my recent road marathon training. These win out because of slightly more cushion and that sleek sexy style hehe. I had to size down a 1/2 a size.

Running Hydration Pack

Salomon Advanced Skin 12 Set

adv skin 12 set.png

I absolutely LOVE this pack because it literally can be used for every trail need. Its stretchy so it holds A LOT but it is also super light, so on shorter days it doesn’t feel like to much. I can generally access any of the back pockets without having to actually take the pack off (which is my favorite feature). It also holds trekking poles, has 2 pockets in the front for soft flask bottles (included) and holds an additional 1.5 liter bladder (not included) in the back. It is one of the more expensive packs out there but it is absolutely worth it. Great quality and unlimited usefulness!


S/Lab Light Skirt

slab skirt.png

I have never been a running skirt person because I hated the way they would always seem to flip out on the bottom around my big butt. But this one does not do that because it is a super light material. I love the way it bounces with me as I run. Not recommended for windy days from personal experience! (Note: this is a modular product so it does not come with a built in liner. You choose the type of undergarment you want separately from the Salomon website. Personally, I wanted to keep it as light as possible so I just wear active underwear under mine and it works splendidly)

S/Lab Light Short 3inch


I finally got brave and got the 3 inch and damn ok, they knocked the 6 inch down to second. I had to get used to, what I felt was like not a lot of back coverage, but they are so comfortable for both running and strength training that I got over that really quick! Also a modular product as the skirt above .

Salomon Elevate Aero 7/8 Tight


These are the most comfortable pair of leggings I have ever owned. They are high waisted but the elastic band is comfortable and doesn’t dig into your belly. They are super lightweight and feel like you are pretty much naked. This specific color option is very flattering as well.


You can pretty much see me wearing the following two Choose Mountains tank tops year round. Super comfortable material and LONG!

Muscle Tank

RacerBack tank


Lightening Race WP Jkt

Jacket 1.png

This jacket is perfect for me because it keeps me warm but it still lets air in through the material so I don’t feel like I am wearing a garbage bag once I start working up a sweat. I used this jacket a lot on my 14er adventures during the summer and rarely had to add an extra layer. It also conveniently zips up into its own pocket to be about the size of your palm.

Agile LS Hoodie


This is the jacket I wear over my tank when the weather starts changing to cooler temps. I love that it has a hood (which actually also has an exit for your ponytail). It’s great to wear as as a second layer because it’s moisture wicking. It’s also pretty light so when it starts to get to warm, it’s not a lot of extra weight to carry.

Sports Bra

The 37.5 Bra

37.5 bra.png

I need to have 5 of these because they are soooo comfortable. I am a bigger chested runner so I need a bit extra support. This is extremely comfortable, moisture wicking, non chafing and plenty of support for me.

Trail Snacks

Oatmeal Cream Pies
Pop Tarts
Cheez Its
Moon Pies
Endurance Tap Gels