Melinda right after her first time achieving 5 miles!

“As a new runner, (and I mean, I have never run more than .2 miles in my 36 years of life), I felt clueless and intimidated. Michele has been able to relieve all that anxiety with her ability to answer all the questions – including the ones I didn’t know to ask. From how much to run per day / week to avoid injury and burnout, to the absolute necessity of a foam roller and how to effectively use one, Michele’s remote coaching took all of the guesswork out of the game so I could purely focus on building on my skill. When I first started out, my initial goal was to get to 3 miles, and it went so well that I was able to build to 7 miles over a period of a few short months. Michele is extremely motivating, a genuine cheerleader and wonderfully empathetic. She has made my journey as a runner extremely enjoyable and I am so thankful to her!” –Melinda Utt