Current Clients

Here are just a few of the wonderful clients that I work with!


Goal for this year: To get strong enough to start running again after a Brostrom procedure on my ankle! Ultimate goal: Full marathon! 

Fun fact: I know all the U.S. presidents in chronological order and run through them in my mind at random


Goal for this year: To run my first 10k trail race!!

Fun Fact: I own and operate a guided hiking business in the Estes Park area that is all about teaching people about the mental health benefits of spending time in nature! I also volunteer for the Indian Peaks Wilderness Alliance/ US Forest Service doing patrol hikes in the summer/fall.


Goal for this year: Getting consistent miles under my feet and working towards regaining my endurance. Because of the pandemic, there’ll be no races for me this year, so I’m focused on finding that runner’s high again.

Fun fact: I once accidentally packed two different shoes (one right and one left) for a race and still had a blast anyways.


Goal for this year: I’m most excited to check off the list of FKT’s I have planned!

Fun Fact: I have a rescue dog named Miles. We named him Miles in the hopes that he would be a great running partner, but turns out he hates running and his favorite activity is sleeping!


Goal for this year: Finish the Dirty 30 Golden Ultra Trail 50k

Fun Fact:  I used to say I was a professional skier who instructed in Vail way back in my 20’s. In 2020 I re-certified and began instructing again! I also speak German fluently, which I rarely get the chance to use.


Goal for this year: Spend a day each week in the alpine, run for longer miles, find Gatorade lakes, perfect my cold brew recipe. 

Fun Fact: My full time job is to pour beers and pet dogs.